musical in English language
target audience: middle school students
period: to be defined

Sir James Matthew Barrie was born in Scotland in 1860, in a modest family, ninth of ten children. Childhood was marked by the intense relationship with his mother and the death of his older brother David, which occurred on the day of his fourteenth birthday. To comfort his sorrowing mother, Barrie tried with all her strength to become a six-year-old David, and since then, someone has written, “she was forever thirteen years old“. He spent much time reading long classics in the company of his mother, until at age 13 he moved to Glasgow first and then Edinburgh to complete his studies. There he became interested in the theater and books of Jules Verne. In his diary as a teenager he wrote “Growing up and having to stop playing balls – a terrible thought“. In 1885, after his first experiences as a journalist, he moved to London and devoted himself to writing, novels but above all to plays. However, he struggled to achieve the success that came only with the early twentieth century plays. In 1902, in the novel The Little White Bird, the character of Peter Pan appeared for the first time, then developed in the eponymous play and finally in the novel Peter and Wendy. When James Matthew Barrie died in London in 1937, national mourning was proclaimed and messages arrived from all over the world.

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