Literary adaptation of the novel by José Zorrilla

José Zorrilla y Moral was born in Valladolid, Spain, in 1817. His father was a conservative man who became a superintendent of the Police and José studied jurisprudence. However, the young man, showed more passion for theatre than law and his father ordered him to go to Lerma, where his family were staying. On his way there, José stole a mule and ran away, going to Madrid, where his literary career began. He loved authors like Walter Scott, Alexandre Dumas, René de Chateubriand and Victor Hugo, whose influence may be noticed in his poetry. He wrote dramas, leyendas in verses and epic novels. His most successful opera was Don Juan Tenorio (1844), with which he gained his fame as the representative of Spanish romanticism. He travelled to France, Mexico, and England, and he got married many times. He always had economic difficulties, despite recognition that culminated with his admission to the Spanish Academy in 1882. He died in Madrid, in 1893.

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