Espectáculo Musical

literary adaptation of the opera in original language by Federico García Lorca

musical in Spanish language
target audience: junior and senior high school students

“Leave my wings in their place, father, because with them I will fly well” wrote Federico García Lorca in a youthful letter to his father. That “flight” that turned him to become the best known and read Spanish poet in the world began when he moved from Fuente Vaqueros (where he was born in 1898) to Granada first and then to Madrid. There he stayed in the famous Residencia de Estudiantes, a paradise of secular and progressive culture, where he became a friend of the greatest Spanish writers and artists (JR Jiménez, A. Machado, R. Gómez de la Serna, R. Alberti, L. Buñuel, S. Dalì ). As many of them, Lorca was part of the so-called “Generation of ’27”, the poetic movement that revolutionized Spanish literature. In the 20’s he composed Poema del cante jondo and Romancero gitano with which he had a lot of success. In 1929, in a period of depression and in search of new incentives, he left for New York. There he discovered the alienation and conflicts of the modern city that he sang in Poeta en New York. He returned to his homeland full of creative impulse and took over the direction of the Barraca University Theater, which will bring the great texts of classical Spanish theatre to the remote countries of the peninsula and to rural areas. In this period he wrote his most famous theatrical works, populated by characters who embody the most violent passions and the darkest instincts of the human soul and composed beautiful collections of poems, including the Sonetos del Amor Oscuro, dedicated to the tormented past of his homosexuality. At the beginning of 1936 he founded, together with others, the Association of anti-Fascist intellectuals. With the advent of the dictatorship he was arrested and on 19 August 1936 secretly shot by the Franco civil guard. His body was thrown into a nameless grave.

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