The Play

Literary adaptation of the novel in original language by Robert Louis Stevenson

classic play in English language
target audience: senior high school students

Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh in 1850. He was a great dreamer, ocean sailor, novel’s writer, poet, essayist and reporter ahead of its time thanks to his journey reports. Sottish and melancholic from father and French and cheerful from mother, got a lung weakness that compromised his health and turned him, since was a young boy, into a vivacious traveller, always looking for warmer and healthier climates. He gave up first his Engineering studies, then the Law ones and dedicated to Literature. Initially he wrote travel journals then essays  and so on novels and books. During a trip he met the love of his life, Fanny de Gritt, an American divorced artist and married her against his father’s will. Back in Scotland and reconciled with his father, he went through an high creativity phase,  but due to health problems he restarted wandering throughout southern Europe. In 1883 he published Treasure Island, with which got huge popularity that increased thanks to the publishing in 1886 of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , which we can now define a long seller. Inspired by Melville’s novels, Stevenson accepted the invitation of a publisher  to write a book about southern seas and moved with the family to Tahiti and French Polynesia. His health improved so much that he decided to settle in Opulu, the main isle of the archipelago of Samoa and there stayed until his death in 1894. He was known among the indigenes Tusitala, narrator of novels.

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